Scribble is an exciting drawing multiplayer .io game where you can release stress easily by drawing scribble lines and capturing more and more territory.

Are you tired of the busy life in which you go to study or work in the morning and you come back home in the evening? You are looking for an entertaining game to help you relax and release stress after a long workday, right? Come to this game: iScribble, draw and scribble by your way to beat stress and make your desire come true!


Unlike other games with adventurous gameplay, iScribble brings you entertainment thanks to simple mechanics, easy control, the ability when drawing according to your interest, and excitement when competing with other players. In this game, you can participate in a multiplayer competition to choose a person having the largest land and being able to survive as long as possible. Join and enjoy the atmosphere of iScribble at the website today!

We proudly present to you the brand new site. is a website that brings the iScribble game in an extremely attractive and attractive .io game styles.

In this game, you can control a small square to draw a line-shaped tail and mark your area. You need to create closed circles to make these playing fields belong to your own. To attack other players, you can crash into their tails when they have not finished drawing a closed circle. In contrast, be careful when other players approach you. They can trap you to crash into your tail and eliminate you.

Besides, do not forget to use the minimap to follow other players on the playing field. In particular, there is a game leaderboard on the top-right screen for you to check your rank and the people in the top rank. Try to expand your land as big as possible in the safest way to become the top on the leaderboard! Moreover, after each round, you can go after your achievements and playing time to see your controlling ability and competing bravery.

Features of has eye-catching graphics, superb effects, and highly competitive gameplay. Besides that, you can type your name and select your favorite color for your character. All these features will bring you wonderful moments to get rid of boredom and stress. Have a great time!


How to play